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Monday, 28 July 2008

Regency Heritage Quick Scrap page

It is really a horrible day here today.

We have had fine hail with a driving wind and really cold which has chased me in from the garden. This has given me a chance to finish off this regency style quickpage for my family album.

I hope you can find it useful too.You can download a zip with the full sized, 12' X 12" 300dpi version HERE

Click on the image to see more detail.

Below is what I have done for my own album. The pictures of old Lisbon harbour have been superimposed and overlaid and opacity reduced in Paint Shop Pro before adding my text.

Again you can get a better idea if you click on the image to bring up a larger size.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Gulls at Dawn_A Desktop Wallpaper

It is cold and bleak in my part of the world today, so I definitely needed something in warmer shades to brighten my desktop!
The soft gold of dawn throws light on these swirling gulls as they fly from the cliffs.
I used many different blended images to create the effect you see here.

You can download a zip HERE which contains the following sized images:
1280 X 1024
1280 X 960
1536 X 960

Prefer the unframed version?
You can download a zip with the same sizes but unframed,

Don't forget to visit our card site or gallery to see more great bird images!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Beautiful Birds Desktop wallpaper

John Gould would have to be one of my favourite bird artists. The image for this desktop came from the wonderful series "Birds of Europe" printed between 1827 and 1832.
Although Gould did the preliminary drawings, the final colouring and presentations were finshed by his very talented wife Elizabeth and friend and collaborator Edward Lear.
Variously called Cyanistes cyanus and Parus cyanus, the azure tit can be found in Central Europe.
You may have noticed that when I created this desktop I made use of papers from my regency collection :)

You can download a zip with various sized desktops HERE

A matching card can be found in our TOC Gallery.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Regency Heritage Scrap Pages

I hope you like these pretty Regency Style pages which I created to display some of my old family images.

I have included in the zip which you can download HERE a floral border and an extra accent.

If you feel this colour scheme is not suitable, the pages and elements can be easily recoloured to suit.

Papers are 12 inches X 12 inches .jpg images at 300dpi.

The border and accents are transparent .png files also at 300 dpi.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

A Bit of French Charm

Wishing all my freinds in France or with French connections, all the very best for your national day.

I thought these wee charms [in .png format]may add interest to a French album page :)

I have also included a background paper 2400 X 2400 in a zip which you can download

All are at 300 dpi.

Friday, 4 July 2008

2 Heritage Scrapbook Album Quick Pages

These 2 matching album quick pages are suitable for old family photos. Although I adapted an old art nouveau picture to make my background texture, I think the pages would be suitable for various time periods. The brownish colour is very suitable for sepia toned photos but the page colour could really be altered to suit any photos.

The page with the larger frame will take a 5 X 7 inch photo comfortably, leaving an attractive surround as a "matte"

Click on the above image to get a more detailed view.

You can download a zip with both pages HERE

An example:

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Celebrating Canada Day Scraps

All the very best to those of my friends who are celebrating Canada Day!

A few bits and pieces for your Canada Day album page, all created at 300 dpi.

I've included the text, ribbons, ornaments and a blank postcard.

You can dowload it HERE