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Monday, 27 September 2010

Pink Floral Scraps

Preview-Click to enlargeSome pretty Spring flowers in shades of pink to brighten your scrap pages or use on cards etc.
They are in .png format and created at 300dpi. The files will also reduce quite well for digital applications.
Suitable for Heritage or Contemporary images.
The files are Free to download but as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month please consider making a donation towards the charity of your choice which supports research or support for breast cancer patients.
Examples of use--click to enlarge
Example_Click to Enlarge

Example_Click to enlarge

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Watchworks Scraps

Watchworks Preview -Click to Enlarge

Fun to make -- and I hope you enjoy using these images :)

All are in .png format at 300dpi.


In my example below I have slightly recoloured the elements to suit my layout.

Click on the image to enlarge

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Doodle Knobs png files and Paint Shop Pro Preset Shapes

Doodle Knobs Preview Click to enlarge Click on image above to enlarge.

I love the ability to create vector images in Paint Shop Pro and particularly to create and save multlayered preset shapes which I can add to my library and quickly use at any time :)

By using the "retain style" option, I can even reuse the original materials in my saved file :)

Alternatively, a new material, whether gradient, solid colour or pattern with or without texture can be applied to each of the layers and edited later too as you wish.

The outline or Style line can also be altered to suit.

Example of use with glassy effects applied to 2 of the layers

There are 20 shapes in this bundle all with more than one layer. Instructions for adding to your shapes library are in the TOU pdf file in the download zip. Also some tips for using the shapes.
For those who are using other graphics programs, I have also included .png transparent images at 300dpi which could be used to create brushes ..these are all at least 1000 pixels in one dimension.
Another example and FREEBIE HERE